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Baptiste Boerboels

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  "Hey :-) We got the collar and leash today, looks great! Will take more pictures of Shani outside when the weather is better. Thank you!!" (2011)

            "The girls are ready for pack walks now new multi-leash from Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars came today!" (2013)


           Renate Magnussen





   "Love them, wow! These beautiful collars for my 3 Boerboels are made by Baptiste Boerboels!"

            Nadine Geers-van Deuren


   "Wow they are beautiful!! Thankyou thankyou!! Pure quality Yall!"

            Lee May
            Pennsylvania (USA)  


                                               1st Order (2011)


                                                      2nd Order (2012)

   "Archer's perfect collar arrived, and it couldn't be more, well, perfect! Thank you so much!"

             Heather Struthers


  "It came in todays mail, I knew from the pictures it is beautiful, but the pictures don't do it justice, it is exquiste! Savvy (Spitvuur Ovita) in her new gorgeous Custom Collar by Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars! She loves it! She couldn't wait to show it off. Thanks Baptiste for an amazing job, it is so comfortable, beautiful and is a perfect fit!"


             Teresa Brewer

             Florida (USA)

  "Japp & Darkness sporting the MID-ATLANTIC kennel/company branded custom collar. "


             Gille Talley

             Mid-Atlantic Boerboels

             Maryland (USA)


  "Everyone just loves her new collar. Thank you so much for your personalized quality service and product! "



             Georgia (USA)


  "Greatlakes DOZER Perez in his new custom collar!! We love it! Thank you so much !"


             Melissa Perez

             Arizona (USA)


   "Mac's new collar. Custom made by Baptiste Boerboels. Thank you very much. I have several made over the years by several different people. This by far is the best quality!"


             Tracy Moore

             OHIO (USA)

   "Mugsy's collar is beautiful! I love the white accents you added to the feathers. It is perfect and her leash is the best quality I have owned. Thank you so much for you talent "


             Carly Byung-Ho

              Montana (USA)



   "Gorgeous!!! Great job BB! Keep up the awesome craftman/womanship... Your work is outstanding!"


             Kameshia Colton

             Georgia (USA)


  "Hey got the collar yesterday. It's absolutely awesome. took some pictures but fb wouldn't upload them. Going to try again after work"

            Sven-Mikael HearseMan




   "I love the collar! Would you mind sending some business cards I'm sure people will be asking about it!"

             Heather Henning-dutton
             Texas (USA)

   "Shayla's new collar is adorable! The quality is great! She has gotten so many compliments on her collar. Service was also top notch! I would definitely refer Baptiste Boerboels to friends."

             Anita Gipson
             Georgia (USA)


  "LOVE IT!!!! and she does too. Will make it so much better when we go out maybe people will not think she is just a big ole male dog haha... She's a lady!!"

            Kim Sellers
            Texas (USA)

  "LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! We love it! Thank u! Hopefully now ppl won't automatically assume she's a boy due to her size lol!"

           Cathy & Michael Yabes
           Alaska (USA)

  "I love them, you are very good... It's beautiful, I think I must have leashes too :-)"

            Line Storhaug

     "Baptiste Boerboels did an awesome job creating Nyah's new collar!"
               Alicia Ward
               Texas (USA)  

   "The collar looks great, we love it! Thanks so much, Sarah"
             Sarah Jackson
             Texas (USA)

  "I was amazed at how much it looks like my necklace. It is perfect. The detail work is amazing. I will be sure to send everyone who wants one your way and will soon be ordering one for Torch when she stops growing."

            Alyssa Larson
            Conneticut (USA)

  "Chocolate's collar was designed exactly how I had imagined... I love it and thank you guys!"

            Greg Kirk
            Georgia (USA)

   "The collar looks great on her!!! .... Great quality! Beautiful collar and shipped extremely quick! Love it!"

             Joyce Sexton
             Maryland (USA)

   "Simple and nice, just the way I like it. Swag!! Collar customized by Baptiste Boerboels. I really like how the leather color blends with her brown hair, super!"

             Julia Lee
             Texas (USA)

   "The collar arrived today and it looks great and fits her perfect! At first I thought it looked so big, but when she got it around her neck it was very nice. It also looks very solid and the design is fantastic. My boyfriend liked it very much too. THANK YOU! "

            Solveig oren


   "Zarina's awesome new Leather collar... made by Baptiste Boerboels"

             Dana Jones Stones
             Maryland (USA)

   "Thank you so much for this wonderful art you made for me and the rest of the pack.. Fast shipping and really good service.."

             Victoria Tislavoll 

   "Just as i pictured it! wonderfull...THANK U thank u thank u!!! I love the collars!"

             Turid Vallestad

   "YAY... thx so much, it looks great ;)"

             Irene Krohn
             North Carolina (USA)

   "Got my 3 beautiful custom collars from Baptiste Boerboels today. I really liked them in the pictures, but when I saw them in person I was so impressed! So cool and fit my dogs perfect. Thank you so much!"

             Lisa Engqvist

   "Hi there, Just wanted to let you know I got the collar today. We love it! It looks perfect on her. Great work!! I attached two photos of Maggee wearing it. I will be back for sure... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

             Kellee Smiley
             Texas (USA)

   "Love the new collar!!! Thanks Baptiste Boerboels!"

             Mel Hall

   "Thank you so much Baptiste Boerboels, for this wonderful gift! Still can't believe we won the contest ;) Absolutely love the collar :) :) "

             Iselin Helland


   "Thank you Aretha and Trae (Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars)! Venus, Apollo and Neo love their collars!"

             Lizbeth Grall
             Pooch Porch
             Georgia (USA)

   "Nikosa says she loves it very much and was more then surprised by the kindness of the person who had it made for her! She and I were speechless so and so surprised when the package from you came in the mail and announced that it was sent by an anonymous person! I can not even begin to say Thank You to that very kind and wonderful person who ever you are!! Wow!"

             Lisa Appel
             Washington (USA)

   "Merlyn's hot spot has finally healed so he can wear his new custom collar from Baptiste Boerboels!!!! Better than I had dreamed!! Quality leather with perfect design that shows time and effort! She got it to me so fast and kept me updated through the whole process! Can't say enough wonderful things! Thank you!!!!"

            Jaclyn Caruso
            Florida (USA)


  "Brana and her custom collar from Baptiste!!! Thank you so much for the collar. It is perfect, we love it!"
                Brooke Dover McKee
                Arkansas (USA)


  "Thank you Baptiste Boerboels for designing such a beautiful collars for our boys. Outstanding job!"
                Jitka Rohr
                Alaska (USA)


  "Soraya won with the fantastic Collar by Baptiste Boerboels the World Champion Title. Not only are we happy with this unique work, we also received a lot of compliments about our dog and this wonderful collar. Working with a world champion, we have now also won the world champion titles. Baptiste thank for this wonderful work!"
Jörg Lichte                
                 Kings Boerboel

                                        1st Collar  

                                                                                                                                                    2nd Agitation Collar

  "Thanks again Trae and Aretha for the very nice collar and leash. We love it!"
             Jeff Buenviaje
             JK Boerboels
             North Carolina (USA)

"Everyone approves of their beautiful, new, custom collars made just for them! Each one is unique and special AND made to my specifications of having both adjustable and quick release closures!"

                 Jennifer Fuller
                 Fuller Boerboels
                 California (USA)

"I love them!"

                 Veronica Markhus


"I would like to thank Baptiste Boerboels for this beautiful collar. And apologize for my slowness in getting a pic! Can't wait to get more!!!"

                 Kate Wilby
                 Wilby Boerboels
                 North Carolina (USA)

"Cajunland and Thor thank you for this beautiful custom collar as you can see he's awaiting the next one!"

                Sean Evans
                Cajunland Boerboels
                 Louisiana (USA)

"Lilly loves her collar! Thank you so much!"

                       Shannon Calloway
                       Texas (USA)

Netso sporting his necklace from Baptiste Boerboels!"

                       Mark Fowler
                       STL Boerboels
                       Missouri (USA)

  "Spitsvuur Notorious Tobias AKA Tobi of Notorious Boerboels showing off his gorgeous new custom made collar made by Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars! Made with the Chinese symbols for a Cross and for Power. We both just love it! He couldn't wait to put it on and go for a walk. Thanks Baptiste Boerboels for an an awesome collar AND ordering experience! "


             Dana Noe-Sadler 

             Maryland (USA)                 1st Collar - 2012


                                                               2nd Big Boy Collar - 2013



  "Phoebe wearing her new collar :) thank you so much Baptiste!"


             Mike & Jenn Alexander

             Texas (USA)


  "Thank-you Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars  for creating such a beautiful collar, awesome craftsmanship!"


             Brandon Williams

             Bayou Boerboels
             Louisiana (USA)


  "Thank you for the lovely collars!"


             Joewina Lange

             Namibia  (Africa)


  "Tori's custom collar from Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars"


             Melissa Davis

             Virginia   (USA)



  "Judge wearin his custom collar if you want a collar made go to Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars they are the best!"


             John White

              Louisiana (USA)


  "Great collars and leashes! And great people!"


             Derek & Michelle Oberg

             Virginia   (USA)


  "I LOVE it !!! I looked forever trying to find something for him. Glad I found you ! Y'all need a catalog !!"


             Becky Baker

             Texas  (USA)



  "Teba modeling her new custom made leather harness by Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars!"


             Dana Noe-Sadler 

             Maryland (USA)


  "I am very pleased with the look and quality of Jackson's new custom puppy collar and lead from Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars! My experience was a great one and the service was excellent! I was surprised at how quickly the collar was made after finalizing the design! Aretha was great and very patient with me as I worked through my ideas, different fonts, and designs. I can't wait to order another one for him to wear as an adult!!"


             Courtney Walker

             Maryland (USA)

                            1st Puppy Collar


                            2nd Big Boy Collar

  "Jorja wearing her new collar! THANKS! She likes it alot!!!"


             Vanesa Legorburu

             Illinios (USA)


  "Zeke's 1st Baptiste Collar #lookingoodbabyboerboel #sportinnewthreads #niceworkBaptiste"


             Shawn LeBlanc

             Louisiana (USA)

 1st Puppy Collar                                                                                          2nd Big Boy Collar


  "The collars came out even better than I could have imagined. I trusted your artistic talents to design me beautiful collars that I would be proud for my dogs to be shown off wearing. Thank you Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars!"


             Shea Marie Alzuri

             California (USA)


  "We received Layla's collar and leash in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much - we love it! "


             Kristin Switzer

             Virgina (USA) 

  "Well. Today I received BOSSES Custom Collar :D Exciting! Big & Massive Thank you to Trae and Aretha for the amazing work. I love it and he loved it :D thank you so much!"


            Charr Smith


  "We recently purchased a collar for our Boerboel puppy 'Zeke' from Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars. The process was quick and easy and we absolutely love his collar!! It is the perfect size and color and because we were involved in the design process, we got exactly what we wanted. Unique, beautiful, quality! Thanks Baptiste Boerboel!!"


            Dana & Trina Short

            California (USA)

  "Peanut and her collar! She's fancy now! A+++ all the way. beautiful product. great customer service"


            Christine Pumphrey

            California (USA)

  "I love, love, love it!!"


            Stacey Brearley

            Idaho (USA) 

  "I just wanted to say we absolutely LOVE the collar!!! It turned out better than I could have ever imagined! Here is a picture of Leeloo in her new collar. THANK YOU Baptiste Boerboels Custom Collars!!!"


            Margot Meyer

            Tennessee (USA)

  "Nairobi and I just love her new collar it arrived just in time for her 4th birthday!"


            Ida Hoiland


  "Here's Wednesday in her collar. It's AMAZING!!! I tried to do my best to get all the letters in but her name is sooo long haha! Anyways we totally LOVE it and will be recommending you to anyone who's looking for an amazing collar!

Thanks so much again!"

            Ishe Mae

  "The collar looks great!  Here's a pic of Sissy with her beautiful new collar!   Do you make 5/8" collars?  We have a miniature dachshund that needs a new collar. FYI, I am recommending you to all of my friends.

California (USA)

    We would just love to see your feedback here!!!!!